Friday, October 11, 2013

The Gorean Perspective, Part I: An Interview with Rhuun Ghennyn

This is part one of (hopefully) a short series of posts about Gor, its lifestyle and the people who live it in SL. 

Depending on who you ask, Gorean role play in Second Life is either the greatest thing ever since John Norman wrote the first book, or it's a bunch of sims filled with asshole masters and drama-laden slaves. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, there is no denying that the Gorean lifestyle in Second Life has had a huge impact on BDSM and D/s activity since it first started. Even if you aren't familiar with the books, you probably know what "silks" are, and how one would be "collared". There is a huge amount of vendors and many sims that cater to the large base of Goreans that come into Second Life solely for the purpose of living as a Gorean master or slave. So no matter what you think, it's here, it's strong and it ain't going anywhere.

In my quest to shed some light on this Second Life culture, I went to the Gorean Hub in the hopes of running into someone who maybe owned a sim or was someone of great importance within the community. After a few false starts, I ran into a man named Rhuun. Polite and charming, he agreed to meet me for an interview in a Gorean long as I wore silks. I figured that it would be a good experience to be perceived as one of these lovely silk-clad slaves for an hour or two, so I agreed.

 We met in  Sulport, a Gorean sim that was relatively quiet and would be able to give us a decent amount of privacy. After we managed to make our way through the gate at the front of the city (a task in and of itself), we found a nice place to have a seat and chat.

October: What brought you to Gor? What is the attraction for you?

Rhuun: Gor is a great social experiment. Its a world where you can live a million lives, love a million loves and make many mistakes without paying too high a price. I had heard of John Norman and his books, quite frankly I wasn't impressed. I never thought a life could be lived following these guidelines, but I found SL Gor, and I have a couple of things to say about that! LOL

October: And what's that?

Rhuun: The attraction that Gor represents is what I consider my role itself in the Gorean world. See, to me the true meaning of Gor is not a world you can live, or a fun adventure, let alone basic role play, but Gor is about women's sexuality. At least I understand it as such. Its a world constructed around women,  with them in mind, by a man who understood them very well. I didn't come here to live, to have fun (though I have) or to have +50 slaves in a chain, but to understand the feminine sexuality better.

October: That is the first time I have ever heard that explanation.  I have read the books and have heard several women (mostly feminists) that think they are misogynist. How do you feel that Gor explores women's sexuality?

Rhuun: Please be aware this is a work in process... I said I came to understand, not that I had achieved understanding...  but here goes nothing.

October: Gotcha. Let 'er rip.

Rhuun: John Norman wasn't a writer. Yes, he wrote, but he was a professor of philosophy by trade.
Now I've come to assume that in his ramblings, he came to figure some sociological theory of some sort he thought was important. And as such he published it, but not in a scientific nature, but in sort of a parable: Counter Earth Gor. Now, what do I think he realized? Nothing much complicated, but very controversial. He realized women are submissive creatures by nature and men are dominant creatures by nature. But men are here (in his story) to serve women's submissive cravings, nothing else.

October: In some ways, that kind of puts men as the submissives.

Rhuun: Mmhm... and if you live in Gor enough you will see that is exactly the case: many master's become handled by their alleged slaves.

October: How many men, do you think, acknowledge the idea that they are just servants of another kind? Or that they COULD be.

Rhuun: I am yet to find the first, but this man submission is only because I believe Norman looks at it from the point of view of the woman. Maybe I can explain myself better: Norman wanted to tell us about feminine sexuality, not man's...he wasn't interested in that. He just wanted to tell us about women. He wanted to tell us that women are naturally called towards being possessed, controlled, overpowered and coveted

October: I see. And I don't entirely disagree with that.

Rhuun: There is some biological switch inside women's head that activates automatically once one of these buttons gets pressed.

October: But I think women want to be controlled and possessed by a man, as opposed to a man who isn't really a man. A tiger as opposed to a kitten, that kind of thing.

Rhuun: You mean a man in attitude?

October: Yes.

Rhuun: Absolutely. Women measure their man, namely, they test him until they are sure he meets all their expectations. Once she is sure, she lowers her guard and gives in entirely.You can see this in the fact that women are often the last ones to fall in love in a relationship, and the last ones to forget the relationship... with a degree of error.

October: Indeed. We are picky creatures.

Rhuun: They want to be shown their man can overpower them...physically yes, but most importantly, psychologically.Here is where SL Gor comes into place.

October: Candidly, do you think that SL Gorean masters really have an inkling as to what the concept really is? For that matter, do you think any kajiras do?

Rhuun: Well, that is based on the assumption that what I am saying is true. It might as well be the true concept is simply what gets practiced here. But If I am right, I haven't met many masters who agree with me, but kajiras, tend to agree once Ive explained myself. Perhaps it is, just as Norman, I care not what masters think, but I am very interested in kajiras on whom I run all my "studies".

October: "Studies"?

Rhuun: LOL...double entendre for sex, with philosophical feminine sexuality chat...

October: Gotcha.

Rhuun: Study the woman, study the sexuality.

October: So why do you think the majority of masters are in Gor?

Rhuun: Have you seen most of these guys? I wish not to be harsh, but most are middle-aged, in frustrated marriages, probably shy in real life.Who can refuse to have 20 girls at your disposal with that kind of life?

October: A need to express the "man within".

Rhuun: True. Who knows...a need to get off to something else than their horrible wives

October: Possibly.

Rhuun: No offense to the wives. But at any come to get off, women come to fulfill their sexuality

October: Moving on from the concept of SL Gor....

Rhuun: Ok

October: What is the best thing, in your opinion, about the role play in the Gorean sims?

Rhuun: Ugh...that it's hanging by a thread. We need more of it, and more interaction. Gorean role players are without doubt the most skilled role players of SL. There are exceptions, but as a general rule, you find great quality here. We just need more of it.

October: How long have you been involved with SL Gor? What's the basis for comparison of then as opposed to now?

Rhuun: My current character is the second I've had. I entered SL in 2007, and with this one since 2009. I created Rhuun specifically for Gor, so you can do the numbers. I've had three home stones in total. I almost made it through BC boot-camp and 'Ive been a wanderer for the rest of the time. Outlaw rules.We had greater quality back then, or perhaps its that I'm detached now, but the numbers have thinned, the graphical quality of the sims has fallen, and the general IQ of Gor has skipped back a couple of points.

October: I have heard, and to a point experienced, some of the negative aspects of Gor. Quite frankly, unless one is a part of it, one tends to dislike it. What is your opinion on that?

Rhuun: I would have to know what do you consider those negative points are, please elaborate.

October: The misogyny, masters that are exceedingly full of themselves, incredible amounts of drama, etc. Do you think this is valid, or a misunderstanding by those outside of it?

Rhuun: I think all troubles in Gor are unfairly blamed on Gor itself. Every bad experience draws from the inexperience of the master or kajira in question. We masters believe we are supposed to be strong, but strength is not only measured in the bone crushing mechanical force of our hand, but in our willpower, tact and ability. Wit is stronger than the strongest arm and Masters fail to grasp that concept, often hurting their kajira in the process. I think there is a greater problem with Gor and SL in general, one that almost everyone fails to acknowledge, perhaps due to the sadness of realizing it: we all come to SL and or Gor to fulfill a Void in our lives. Something is missing that we feel completed through this wonderful interaction. But by doing so, we close the doors to coming to a solution in the real life, where the problem exists.We come to SL to stop being alone, and become more lonely in the process. That, to me is the greatest danger of Gor and SL in general.

October: I think many would agree with you.What is something that you consider to be very positive about Gor in SL? Something that people in SL could understand and maybe embrace?

Rhuun: I find that hard to answer. Ive only dwelt in the dark sad side of things, because it's what attracts me, but I would have to refer you to my previous comments. Gor teaches, and if that knowledge can later be applied in RL towards a successful and fulfilling relationship, I find that very positive indeed.

October: I think that's true of many kinds of BDSM, D/s and other alternative lifestyles here. People often learn a lot when they are allowed to explore.

Rhuun: Absolutely, but it must be taken as a therapy session, bound to expire. Get in, enjoy, live it to the max, get out. If we do not set an expiration date to our transit through SL and or Gor, then it's counterproductive. Think about drugs: in the beginning its all pleasure and almost no pain, but as time goes by, pleasure decreases as pain the point whee its totally backwards

October: Indeed. If you could sum up in one paragraph the best reason to role play in SL Gor for someone who has never experienced it, or might be nervous about it, what would you say?

Rhuun: I would say,, enjoy it to the fullest, and above all, never let anyone ruin the experience for you.

October: Excellent advice. Is there anything else you would want to add?

Rhuun: I think we covered pretty much everything. I would like to extend my invitation to everyone to come and play with us. I would also say that Gor is a philosophy, not a literal way of life. It's a game after all, with very deep reasoning underneath the skin. Play it as such. Come find me and let's raise a little hell together.

Thank you to Rhuun Ghennyn for his time and insight. Keep an eye open for the next post on Gor. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Transylvania's Vampire Empire: An Interview with Obscuro Valkyrie

 As everyone in Second Life knows, sims come and go regularly. Most sims last only a few months, maybe a year, and then fade into obscurity. It takes a huge commitment and a loyal community to make a sim a true home on the grid. This month, Vampire Empire celebrates its ninth year as Second Life's first vampire-themed sim. And I can believe it: when I was a newbie in 2005, one of the first places I visited was The Empire. So naturally, I wanted to find out what makes this place so special. I managed find the sim's founder, Obscuro Valkyrie, and he graciously took time to answer some questions about this long-standing and much beloved sim.

October: You have been in SL since 2003. How, when and why did you come up with The Vampire Empire sim: the ideas, who helped, how you set it up at the beginning, etc.

Obscuro: I learned about SL from a friend of mine who has since passed on, Feliciaa Feaver. I had been involved in another online world called Vzones and was a part of the team in the world called Seducity. In Seducity, I met other people like myself so naturally when I came to SL I brought my group of friends here and became SL's first Vampire and started a community. In 2003 there were only 13 Sims and I owned one of them called Stanford and there we began.

October: What would you say is your goal with the sim? What are the basic rules and ideals that make up the Vampire Empire?

Obscuro: Vampire Empire was the name before I bought the sim named Transylvania. The goal was to have a non-role play sanctuary where like minded people mingle. The rules are simple: Loyalty. Everyone wants to belong to something in SL and Transylvania has helped many during difficult times in their RL.

October: What will you NOT allow within the sim?

Obscuro: Vampire Hollywood role play. A  vampiric lifestyle is just as legitimate as, say, a gay or BDSM lifestyle.

October: You have the longest-running and, in fact, first vampire sim in SL. What are the best and worst experiences you have had with the sim?

Obscuro: The Worst- I once had a trusted Girlfriend return the whole sim...every single prim...The Wall was all that remained with us sitting on it. The Best- everytime I embrace a new fledgling to my circle.

October: There are tons of vampire communities in SL. After nine years (this month!), to what do you attribute your longevity?

Obscuro: Love, Trust and Family.

October: How do you feel about the different alternative communities in SL (BDSM, furry, vampire, roleplay, etc. ) and how they are represented?

Obscuro: I feel that SL is an open platform for every community and as long as no one is harmed I respect that.

October: I noticed that you have Bloodlines info around the sim. Bloodlines is often much maligned outside of their particular sims. Do you fully support the game or tolerate it as a by-product of the vampire roleplay in SL?

Obscuro: I don't agree with it, it's mockery of a real lifestyle that some don't choose, they are born that way. Transylvania embraces only those aspects of the Vampyr mythos that include a love and respect for all life, physical immortality, individual elegance, proven wisdom, civilized behavior, worldly success, and personal happiness. Transylvania rejects those aspects of the Vampyr mythos that are negative including any that are anti-life, anti-social, deathist, crude, arrogant, self-defeating, or criminal.

October: As a gamer, I am curious as to how you feel about Vampire: The Masquerade, since it has a following here.

Obscuro: It's just that: a game. Real Vampires are real energy takers and some really need it daily to get by. The only reason that the term vampire is a attached to this is because we  suck life from other humans in many different ways. This is our subculture...our chosen family, not an internet game where you bite people and are turned into a vampire.

October: Are there any sims you work closely with in terms of events, building, etc.? Do you have any events coming up?

Obscuro: I used to build special projects for Linden Labs in the beginning, and as far as events, we have them weekly as well as DJ's daily. The wall is a great place for music and solitude if you want that. We don't think you are snobbish if you don't speak.

October: What is your favorite thing about Second Life? What has kept you in-world for so long?

Obscuro: I was so happy when SL allowed music streaming. In the old days, we had to upload sound files and script them to play one after the other. We used to have CD parties. Now I'm totally into mesh.

October: Is there anything else you would like to add or expound upon?


If you feel the tender draw of the night
you may be one of us.
If you sometimes suspect there are
hidden mysteries behind ordinary life
you may be one of us.
If you are one of us
these things will all seem somehow familiar to you.
If you are one of us
you will recognize us once you meet with us.
And if that happens
then nothing will stop you from joining us.
You will have come home.

Thank you to Obscuro Valkyrie for the interview. The Vampire Empire celebrates its ninth year on 8/13/13.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hard Alley: A Conversation with Hard Rust

Many moons ago, when I was but a young avatar under a different name, I stumbled upon a skybox called Hard Alley. This was the first time I had seen anything other than the usual BDSM that is almost pedestrian in Second Life. It was filled with muck and garbage, and the people that played there were into hard-core sex, and lots of it. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked and quite fascinated. Every so often, I would find myself back there and watched it slowly grow from a tiny space to a full sim. Years later, I decided to speak to Hard Rust, the creator of Hard Alley, and see what he thought of the whole business.

When I was teleported by Mr. Rust to Hard Alley for the interview, he was in the middle of a pre-4th party with several avatars dancing in the club. While many were getting naked and being generally playful, I opted to keep my (fairly conservative) dress in place and settled on just dancing. As Mr. Rust and I danced and talked, I was quite pleasantly surprised by the general attitude of family that he projected onto the sim and its citizens. I suppose after you have had some place like Hard Alley for as long as he has, it becomes home.

October Poe: First of all, Hard Alley is said to be the first sim of it's kind (hard-core sex) in Second Life. How long has Hard Alley been active?

Hard Rust: Hard Alley will celebrate its 7th Anniversary on July 26.  We weren't the first hard core sex sim, but I believe we were the first grungy, urban RP Sex sim.

October Poe: Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification.  So why did you create Hard Alley?

Hard Rust: I had joined a group called "Forced Fantasy" and found that they had no place to play.  So I turned my small 10x30m skybox into an "alleyway" thinking that would be a great place to roleplay a forced sex scene.  I opened it up to the public and thought maybe 4-5 people might use it during the week.  It turned out to be much more popular than I imagined. Oddly enough, the Forced Fantasy group did not want anything to do with it.

October Poe: Go figure!I remember many moons ago, I found myself in Hard Alley when it was tiny. Spent a lot of time sitting on top of a dumpster.

Hard Rust: We had a lot of people sitting on our dumpsters.  A lot of them went on to start their own sites, like Crack Den,  Midian City, City of Lost Angels, and Dark Alley.

October Poe: Really? Did you work with any of the sim owners/creators when they were setting things up in their own sim?

Hard Rust: A little bit.  I actually donated the first flaming trash barrels to Crack Den.  Hard Alley was more inspiration than direct involvement.

October Poe: It's grown quite a lot from a skybox. It seems to take up a whole sim. Do you think that it has stayed with the atmosphere and vision you have for it?

Hard Rust: Absolutely.  I started Hard Alley with one goal in mind:  To give people a place where they can have fun and enjoy their fantasies their way.  Hard Alley may be bigger, but our core values remain the same.

October Poe: And what are your core values, specifically? I don't necessarily mean YOURS, but the values of the sim.

[19:53]  Hard Rust: It is my firm belief that everyone should be free to play Second Life in their own way, and I refuse to try to force anyone to do things my way. I won't burden people with a lot of rules and restrictions about the types of roleplay they can have here, other than under-age play of any kind being prohibited. I don't require people to wear certain tags or meters.  I don't force them to fill out detailed applications before I grant them access.  I leave it up to them to create their own fantasy and live it, and all I provide is the support mechanism: the sim, groups, tags, etc. that are available if they want them. I know some people want a more rigid RP environment, but there are tons of sims out there for that.  Hard Alley remains free and open.

October Poe: That's something that I noticed hasn't changed from when it opened. Do you have a pretty loyal group that has been coming here for a while?

Hard Rust: Yes.  There are a lot of people that have been here from the beginning.  This is not just an RP sim for a lot of people.  For most of us, it's home.  I like to joke that Hard Alley is the friendliest rape sim in SL.  Everyone is welcome here.  Furries.  Demons.  Straight.  Gay.  Whatever your kink is, other than the aforementioned under-age play, you are welcome to live it out here.

October Poe: "Friendliest rape sim in SL". That should be in big letters at the TP point.

Hard Rust: LOL! Maybe I'll add that.

October Poe: There are lots of people that indulge in what I like to call "happy-spanky" BDSM.  If they were to come into Hard Alley, what would you want them to know?

Hard Rust: I'd need to know what "happy-spanky" BDSM is first, lol.  But I'd probably tell them the same thing I tell everyone.  "Welcome to Hard Alley.  Have Fun!"  And then I'd push them down a manhole into the sewers and wait for the screams.

October Poe: Nice! One last question: are you going to have an anniversary party for Hard Alley and can I be on the guest list?

Hard Rust: Absolutely!  One thing we never miss around here is a chance to party, and our Anniversary parties are some of our biggest. You really don't want to miss the annual Hard Alley Halloween party in the cemetery.  Everyone is invited.  There will be nakedness and debauchery and I'll be giving out prizes and gifts like candy.

October Poe: Hehe, thank you! Do you have a website?

Hard Rust: Yes., although it hasn't been updated in a while because I suck at web site management.  I also have a blog at where we've recently posted a series on Introduction to Roleplay for new players, and a Flickr site at where I post pics and event notices.  I also have a page at where all my porn movies are available.  I do Twitter and Facebook, too, because I'm a fucking social butterfly. LOL!

October Poe: Well, is there anything you want to add in closing?

Hard Rust: Just that I'd like to thank all the people that have been part of Hard Alley over the years, for the support they've given me and the good times we've had.  If it wasn't for the people that come here to play, Hard Alley would be nothing more than a bunch of grungy prims.  It's the people that have made this a fun and enduring part of Second Life.

Many, many thanks to Hard Rust for the interview. Be sure to look for the announcement for the 7th anniversary of Hard Alley on July 26th, 2013.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bondage Puppet Theater: An interview with Dr. Kitsune Scribe

I first met Dr. Kitsune Scribe when I was doing some photography around his sim. A friend of mine frequents The Bondage Puppet Theater, and I decided to take a little walk on the Wild Side and see what it was all about. What I saw was not only worthy of several photographs (full disclosure: I have recently submitted some of those photos to the website), but it was filled with scenes and equipment that most people don't know even exists in Second Life. Hanging trees, guillotines,  and sex beds are set against backdrops of insane asylums and abandoned circus tents. The Bijou Theater is the potential setting for some very brutal performance art. Underneath the sim itself is a labyrinth of tunnels that hold all manner of depraved sex acts. This certainly wasn't your average BDSM sim. 

As I continued to explore, I began to wonder what kind of person would put together such a sim, and why. Since I am certainly no stranger to the psychological (as well as physical) aspects of fetishes and D/s, I found myself really wanting to talk to Dr. Kitsune about his own reasons for creating The Bondage Puppet Theater. The conversation that follows is intelligent, candid and very enlightening.

October Poe: So...first off...when did you build BPT and why?

Dr. Kitsune: I guess it was a little over three years ago when I first built something that turned into the Bondage Puppet Theater. I was offered someone's basement. So I made it into a little puppet making laboratory.

October Poe: Puppets? Can you elaborate?

Dr. Kitsune: The emphasis has always been on the process... the abduction of unwilling victims, the forced enslavement, the anticipation around the transformation Even back then, it was more like a prison than a theater.

October Poe: Why do you call it a theater now?

Dr. Kitsune: The basic narrative is that women get enslaved, transformed, brainwashed into living puppets, who then go onstage to perform lewd sex acts against their will. But "theater" is really a metaphor for SL role playing in general. I provide my whole sim as a stage for people to act out their forbidden fantasies.

October Poe: Okay. I have done some exploring on my own around the sim, and I was really impressed by all the nooks and crannies that are in that one area. Some of the "equipment" is very much geared towards transformation (I even went through one myself to see what it did). What, if I may ask, is your personal interest in this kind of role play?

Dr. Kitsune: You're asking the typist I take it? I've been into BDSM in RL for 20 years, it is a defining characteristic of my sexuality. SL seems as close as we have to a holodeck in our current technology. As soon as I came here and saw what could be created with words and prims and animations, it was natural for me to exterior-ize my fantasies, just like I do in RL. The only problem is I have no aptitude at all for SL skills like building or animation. But fortunately, just like in RL, I met some amazing collaborators who somehow tolerate working with me.

October Poe: As you know, there are is an entire culture in SL that has been built around BDSM, and D/s in particular. There are people that look at the acting out of rape and torture, even killing as kind shall we say...creepy.  How do you see it in a sexual/BDSM sense?

Dr. Kitsune: (laughs) You're talking about my target audience. I chose the latest build, "The Madhouse", exactly because of its crossover from BDSM into horror. In RL you can construct non consensual sex scenes that are mutually rewarding for both top and bottom. But in SL, you can really dig deep into your fantasy back-brain. Instead of rape, you can be raped by demons. But keep in mind, that really like any environment, the narrative is just a backdrop for interaction between people. Everything about it is optional. You can wrap your play in deep Lovecraftian horror, or just spank your partner, or anything in between.

October Poe: I know most women have a rape fantasy: some tall, dark stranger takes them by force in a back alley or something. Lots of women also have bestiality fantasies or anthropomorphic fantasies. Really, these aspects of human sexuality are par for the course. Why do you think most people cannot acknowledge these fantasies, even in a safe, consensual environment?

Dr. Kitsune: I've given this a lot of thought. One thing that I come back to time and again is that s/m is transgressive in its nature. Its power as a fantasy is that it is outre, liminal.  If you bring it into the daylight and take all the sharp edges away, it loses its romance. Take for example the queer movement last century. Some wanted to portray gay men as normal, saying "we're just like you." And there was a backlash that wanted queer culture to have its own identity. "We're here, we're queer, get used to it." I think with S/M, you'll never see a million person march for leather rights or leather pride. Because people don't want it mainstream, or it loses its potency.

 October Poe: Have you ever experienced a reaction of "Oh my God, this is awful! How could you do this? You are a murderer!" etc. If you have, how have you dealt with it?

Dr. Kitsune: In SL? No, never. I think with SL it's easier to not log on than to try to hold a moral line. I've felt that kind of anger but not in SL. The mute button is handy for people prone to outrage.

October Poe: BPT has tons of options, as you said, including simple spanking up to torture and death. Are there things that are anathema to you when it comes to S/M or any kind of similar RP?

Dr. Kitsune: Do you mean at the Theater, do I offer sets for stuff I'm not into personally? I will not destroy the ozone layer for profit.

October Poe: And we thank you for that!

Dr. Kitsune: Seriously... there are a lot of kinks I don't enjoy, too many to list. Diapers comes to mind. But I respect the craziness people try to actualize as long as they do it with consenting adult partners. At the theater, I encourage kinds of play that I don't do myself. I wouldn't want to limit the Theater to me. Recently I changed the main group from "Dr. Kit's Bondage Puppet Theater" to "Bondage Puppet Theater" for exactly that reason. It's not my show, it's yours.

October Poe: Aside from the usual griefers and malcontents,  there anything that you would never allow in the sim?

Dr. Kitsune: No underage anything, even among adults. I also really can't stand poachers. I want owned subs and their tops to feel safe playing at the Theater, without worrying about someone coming along and trying to take advantage of the immersive role-play and make off with the slave.

October Poe: This ain't Gor!(laughs)

Dr. Kitsune: Nope! And at the relationship level, I do have some pretty desirable submissive women who play there. They really lose their head-space fast when some digital Casanova comes along trying to "hey baby" or "get on ur nees bitch".

October Poe: Okay, last question: if someone were to come into your sim for the first time, what are three things you would want them to know?

Dr. Kitsune : First, this is an adult, BDSM, and horror role playing sim. If that's not your cup of tea, please keep it to yourself. Second, everything is free. Third, make your own story. This is SL, not TV. You are writing the script.

Many, many thanks to Dr. Kitsune Scribe for agreeing to the interview.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sex, Violence and Going Beyond the "Norm"

To many that have been in Second Life for more than a year, the Grid is a place where many activities, especially that one wouldn't normally indulge in, can be explored without fear of reprisal or condemnation. It is "safe", compared to the difficulties of organizing and performing such activities Real Life. These activities can include acts that might be considered "wrong", "disgusting" or at the very least, "deviant". While most on the grid stick to dancing, shopping, casual pixel sex in exotic locations and the occasional D/s fantasy, there are those who are a little more, shall we say, hard-core.

Before we go any further, I want to add disclaimer for myself and the people/activities that I will be featuring on this blog.

1) This should go without saying, but if you have issues with graphic pictures, sexual situations and things that might make you "squick", don't read this blog. If you read it anyways, don't complain to me that you were offended. Please be an adult and monitor your own activity. I'm not your mom. 

2) Neither myself or the people/activities in this blog condone actual rape, murder, torture or violence of any kind towards anyone or anything. We believe in the "Safe, Sane and Consensual"  type of role-playing between consenting adults with no exceptions.

3) The blog with never, ever, ever, EVER feature any  sexual or abusive under-age age-play of any kind. If you wonder why, ask almost anyone in the RL or SL fetish community what they think of it. The very vast majority will tell you that under-age age-play, even between adults, is vile, disgusting and beyond taboo. I share that ideal and will actively work against any sexual or abusive under-age age-play organizations in Second Life.

4) While not everyone will share the ideals in this blog, I will work to give any Safe, Sane and Consensual adult role-play venue a fair shake. I may not enjoy what you do, but I will certainly defend your right to do it.

In this blog, I want to feature not only "deviant" role-play, but I want to feature artists, fashion designers and philosophies that  go against the "normal" in Second Life. If you think you qualify, contact me.

My next post will be featuring the Bondage Puppet Theater sim. Stay tuned!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well, the House of Poe is open for business!
I am very exited to share my work, ideas and the great ideas from around SL. Speaking of great ideas, Strawberry Singh is doing her Monday Memes and this time, I decided to take a crack at it. Yeah, it's a little quick and dirty, but I had fun. The hardest part was trying to come up with the best movie poster! Anyway, here it is: